Some of the Most Popular Dive Sites on the South Side

Mary’s Place

Roatan’s most famous dive site was created during prehistoric volcanic activity which detached a large piece of the reef forming an elbow-like crevice. This dive site boasts and undersea maze of swim throughs and overhangs decorated with colorful sponges, black coral, fairy basslets, bluehead wrasses, schools of silversides and seahorses. The fissures are as wide as 13ft/4m and as deep 100ft/30m, and with light shining through the crevices and swim throughs, it’s one of Roatan’s most visually spectacular dives.

Prince Albert Wreck

The Prince Albert is 140ft/42m island freighter, intentionally sunk in 1987. The hull remains largely intact and in remarkably good shape, sitting upright in 60ft/18m of water. The wreck is almost entirely covered in years of algae and soft coral growth and a variety of marine species now call this home. Penetration through open deck hatches of this wreck is possible without the use of lights or other safety equipment, making it a great wreck to explore for divers of all experience levels.

Forty Foot Point

This site ranges from 40ft/12m to a maximum depth outside of recreational limits, 170ft/51m. Sand chutes spread outwards toward the open sea and overhangs and crevices abounding with deep water sea fans and black sea rods. The wall descends to a sandy bottom at 90ft/27m before sloping into the dark abyss.

Missing Link

Hard and soft corals dominate the top of the reef which sits between 20-30ft/6-9m before the wall drops off to 80ft/24m. Large schools of fish are ever present and macro life abounds in the colorful overhangs and outcroppings.

Gold Chain Reef

Staghorn, Elkhorn and Lettuce corals are flourishing on this sloping wall site ranging from 25ft/7m to depths of 100ft+/30m+.

Mr. Bud Wreck

Another purposefully sunk cargo ship whose 75ft/22m hull remains largely intact. Mr. Bud can be found sitting upright at 40ft/12m, along the edge of the reef meaning the dive can be spent entirely on the wreck or split between the wreck and the reef wall. A suitable dive for all experience levels.